#15188 by Super-Slasher
Thu Mar 27, 2003 5:39 pm
To make a long story short an error occoured which fubared by BIOS upgrade (the first I've ever attempted).

But the instructions I was following were very detailed: I made a copy of my old BIOS, just incase. I tried booting up with it but it won't read my floppy, even when I press CTRL & HOME.

I have tried connecting the floppy to two different ISA I/O cards, as well as the connector on the motherboard, but the computer is totally dead. When I start it up, I can heard the HD and CD-ROM booting up (or atleast spinning), but not the floppy.

I'm thinking of putting the backup BIOS on a CD-R to see if my PC will pick it up, instead of off a floppy - would this work?

Could anyone please tell me what my options would be, and if anything can be done at all at this present state?

Thanks in advance.