#30919 by Jake
Sun Apr 10, 2005 9:00 am
Hi I'm a computer newb (with Windows XP) and I have an Intel D865PERC Motherboard.

What happened was I wanted to update my BIOS and I download and clicked this .exe titled "Express BIOS Update P17" on this page from intel...


Anyway, I clicked it and it all went pretty fast and before I did anything it was shutting down my computer, I kinda spaced at that point. Anyway, it started making noise like it was updating or something and me being the dumb guy I am interrupted it by hard rebooting. So, when that happened I went to this page and did the following instructions...


Now, when I startup I actually see the Intel Motherboard screen (for a short period) then it goes to "Reboot and select the proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device". So, when that happened, I restarted again and went into the BIOS and put everything to Defaults by hitting F9 then saved with F10 and left. I restarted again and wam, same thing... Anyway, the version was updated to the newest one, because I looked. The problem is I can't get windows to start. I have 1 hardrive and I'm going to cry if I lose all my stuff. :cry: