#20963 by E-Emperor
Sat Nov 08, 2003 9:01 pm
I have a shuttle MS51/n MotherBoard with an Award Modular bios 6.00. I thought I would flash the Bios as there was an update for it. I used Uniflash, as I have done before on other older PC's. & I backed up the old Bios, but Bloody! Floppy disks! - I can't get into it. I also enabled BootBlock and it did say that it was a different file size and did I want to proceed.? So I said yes, Then in Flashed the Bios, Said Sucess, But Now I have No Bios, I tried Clearing the cmos chip, but I had no Luck there. When I turn my PC on it doesn't seek the floppy disk, but it does start the CD Rom drives. And thats it. Other than that it seems dead. SO it powers up, and that's it No Bios!! Please Anybody who has any advice or a solution please help me? What can I do.? How do I restore the Bios?