#15909 by ar@gon
Thu Apr 24, 2003 5:25 am
on boot i have this warning appear:

award bootblock bios v1.0

bios rom checksum error
detecting floppy drive a media...
insert system disk and press enter_

this is happened after flashing bios wrong bios i guess.
i tried to reprogramming the rom with uniflash but floopy drive wont read

motherboard : socket-478 FIC VI31
rom chip is : sst 39sf020a
chip was flashed and test okey says on the uniflash notes.
but when i tried to flash, floppy wont read neither its own old bios i donwload from hp website.

uniflash notes was saying: dont forget to disable write project on the bios or motherboard jumpers. well i cant get in to bios settings anymore and i dont know if i have that jumper on the motherboard.

any succestions please :idea: