#17507 by Optitom
Wed Jun 25, 2003 11:19 pm
Hi guys..im new here.. My pc chips M825CLU mobo with an integrated duron 1400+, has just seemed to die on me. It was running fine until i installed a soundblasterlive value card. I dont know if i shorted something or what, but it doesnt even give me any beeps. The fans all turn, everything seems to be getting power because the cpu is warm and the ram is also. i thought it might be bad ram so i bought a new stick and still nothing. i cant get a video signal or any beep codes. could i have fried the bios chip with esd while putting in the soundcard? i have it down to the bare minimum now, just the onbaord vga, ram and monitor connected and still nothing. it is out of the case and sitting on the box i bought it in. i dont know what went wrong, any suggestions? Thanx