Motherboard Soyo SY-7SBB dead

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Hi, good day for all. My name is Ricardo, from Argentina (and consequently my native language is Spanish, so, you apologize for my bad English).

I am participating in the forum: "My Hard Disk is not recognized", doing some tests with old motherboards and HD, and one of my motherboards, a SOYO SY-7SBB just stop working, WITHOUT ANY ALTERATION to the BIOS. It just stop working. No video and just makes a series of continuous, regular beeps, endlessly, until I turn it off.
I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me with this issue.

Additionally, I am needing if someone can provide me with a pure, untouched, original BIOS file for this same motherboard, since I want to use its BIOS memory to test another motherboard, and then I intend to return it to this one (these memories are difficult to get in Argentina, and much more these days, from COVID-19).

Best regards,

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You want to check if the memory is seated properly all the way into the slot and/or if there is any debris/dust in the memory slot.

Bios: from the soyousa server as attachment.
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