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Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Hi all,

I got a Tekran motherboard based on Winbond W29C011 bios chip.
A couple of month ago was killed by virus infection and now the computer does not even start (no video signal)

I read many posts and FAQs on this nice site but now I'd like someone help me a bit.

I tried to reflashing the bios 'blindly' by using a boot diskette containing autoxec script to flash with no user intervention (no video signal). This did not work since floppy does not seem to try reading the diskette.

The FAQ says what to do in these cases:

"Plug an ISA Multi-IO card, connect your floppy drive there, and flash your BIOS again, this time with one that really is for your motherboard"

Could someone explain what a 'Plug an ISA Multi-IO card' is? I have an ISA slot but I have never seen such kind of cards.... is the floppy supposed to be connected to this card?

Thanks in advance
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The Multi-I/O card was very common a few years back and carried FDD, IDE, 2xserial, parallel and games port (typically). If you can find any ISA card with an FDD connector on it (even Adaptec 1542 SCSI card), try that.
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