Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#59782 by HCL.
Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:27 pm
Hi Everyone:

Finally reaching this forums, where, apparently, tough people are on the tab. Here is my little story.

After allowing for official BIOS updates that can be accessed using HP update utility, the computer restarted. And then it started to give 2 LED with black screen (according to HP this is corrupted bios)

Here is my HP model ... 2&sw_lang=

The problem is that I failed to do Key combination trick available on HP official site. And even using flash USB update does not seems to be working. Using the last method and decided to reach the motherboard ROM and to use jumper for Update using the available BIOS files from HP site. However, the size of the motherboard ROM is 4MB and the files on HP site are about 4.5MB which does not fit.

I need help on the issue. And my initial thought will guide me of two last possible solutions

1- I need some really tough guy to give me step by step guide on how I can make the flash USB trick work fine. Knowing that I already made my flash ready with HP tool. What are the files that should be dumped into the USB and the renaming process for my exact model ? (P.S: Phoenix tool does not work with this latter version of BIOS and it fails to produce

2- I need someone to give me the original files available from the same model so that I can use the jumper to re-flash to the original BIOS update files. (Size should be 4MB and not above 4.2 MB)

Appreciate any feedback.
And I apologize for any humble skills in describing the issue. I am new to this.