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#43051 by mjh4012
Sun Jan 14, 2007 12:11 am
Hello all,

I've read threads on how to disable the internal memory in CMOS for the TP600E and 600X (?)
I have a TP600X Model 2645-8PU, PIII-500 Mhz. It has 64Mb internal memory.
I am using (2) 64Mb DIMMs in the 2 expansion slots. When I edited the CMOS value in column B row 20 from 80 to 81, pressed F2, and powered down/up. The screen only recognizes the 640 kb instead of the 196032 kb ok I used to see and I get a bios error 225. I am not an expert, but does this mean it is disabling the RAM slots and not the internal 64Mb? If yes, then what Byte changes the internal memory?
Is there any way to disable the internal 64mb memory in the 600x I have? Why I need to do this is that it is bad - I got a failed test running a memtest on it. Any help would be great. :)