Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#52989 by Shwa
Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:35 am
I posted this at NotebookReview a few days ago:
I'm in deep crap, friends.

Yesterday, I've been told by an Acer representative that I should upgrade my BIOS as soon as I mentioned slowdown.
So I decided to upgrade with the BIOS from the site at Acer PanAm.

As soon as it said it was making a backup of the BIOS I previously had, it blacked out and turned off. Upon boot, my screen was black, my LEDs were flashing despite the only keys working were Caps and NumLock; and pressing the power button once would turn it off.

So then, as I thought Google was my friend, I searched for guides on how to do a BIOS recovery. Thing is, I don't remember my BIOS version, and I needed to go buy a USB floppy drive to do the Crisis Recovery Disk method. So I managed to buy one for $15, and tried the Fn+Esc solution correctly and endlessly with many BIOS versions, but to no avail.

Also, the laptop had to be downgraded to XP, as when it was previously a Vista with only 766MB of RAM, I couldn't do jack with it without slowing down like an elderly person on Ritalin. Maybe this has something to do with Acer's BIOS being Vista-only?

I suck with computers, so I dunno.
I've been told I should change my BIOS chip, but I don't have the money for that.
I need help, and fast! D:

Eternal thanks in advance!!

Now I've figured that the problem may be that I installed what seemed to be Vista BIOS on my current (dead) XP. Could that be the problem? And where could I get XP-compatible BIOS? Because the Acer FTP is completely cleared of them.

That, or is there any way to install Vista on a laptop with corrupt BIOS?

Crisis Recovery Disk method doesn't make my lappy restart, after either 10 minutes or an hour. When I pull the plug and attach everything back (AC and battery), it's still in black screen and one-touch Power Off state.

Also note that I am very poor and my warranty is void for over a year now, so I need a simple, effective and quick way to fix this. D:

As mentioned above,
eternal thanks in advance!