Acer Travelmate 290 no boot

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Hi guys, I'm desperate looking all forums to find the way to get this laptop (piece of s...) booting up and running, I had problems with the machine as it was randomly rebooting, then I thought "flashing the bios will solve the problem..." and when it was at the middle of the process (at Windows desktop), the computer did reboot and there's no way to boot up the bios anymore just makes short beeps constantly, no video on screen.
It has (or must say had) an Insyde Mobile PRO bios, 2.00

I downloaded the bios I found, but when I try to open with the phoenix tool the message I got is: "No Phoenix/insyde/dell Bios"
I made the floppy with Wincris and the bios renamed in someways Bios.wph, and with the original name (at same time)

I was trying to flash BIOS with this disk with a USB floppy (I made combination Win+fn+Esc), the floppy was reading, but after 1 hour working no progress, only the beeps got spaced in time at something like half an hour? I just shutdown the computer as I was going to sleep and no progress at all, can anyone help to get this b... up?

Thanks in advance!!
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This make/model laptop has a known problem. Possibly there is something wrong with a power chip on the mainboard, it may become loose over time:

There are 2 methods to (partially) solve this.
1) you use a small piece of rubber or cork, about 2mm thick and glue that on top of that chip to push it stuck to the mainboard or
2) (bit more risky, that's why second option), re-solder each and every pin of that chip. Because you need a VERY fine tip and you have only VERY little time and STILL may damage the chip you REALLY need to be sure you have the skills before attempting this.

I have published a Service Guide for this laptop so you can disassemble it: ... M290SG.PDF

AFTER fixing this chip, try the recovery bios procedure again, it might work this time. Good luck.

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