Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#51299 by FNHot
Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:23 pm
Heres the story version of what happened. Acer pc lost its alt + f10 funtion for its disk to disk recovery ... after a while i was like skrew it, and formatted myself. After doing so laptop would randomly get a blue screen of death, and reboot. Read that it needed new bios. I went about installing the new bios, and as it was updating the bios, it did a BSOD ... the very thing i was trying to fix .... this obviously messuped up the bios, and now its a paperweight with lights.

Through reading i learned that you can blind flash the bios on the laptop. I tried all the key funtion combos, and found holding fn + esc makes the laptop beep 3 times. 1 long, 2 short..... over ... and over ... and over .... and over again.... endlessly. Driving me MENTAL.

I've read and done the following instructions .... to no avail.

When you got all of mentioned:
Unrar Phoenix Recovery Disc creator (It contains CRISDISK (folder) Autoexec.bat and PHLASH16.TXT).
Run ...\Phoenix Recovery\CRISDISK\wincris.exe.
Select Create Minidos Crisis Disc.
Format it and it will copy 3 files to your new boot floppy (bios.wph, minidos.sys, phlash16.exe).
Now you need to replace bios.wph (on floppy) with yours bios file. Extract spxxxxx.exe (Bios update) which you downloaded from official web site with winrar (right click on it and "Extract to...").
There you will find *.wph/bios.wph file. Copy it to floppy and replace old one. Its name must be bios.wph. Or it wont boot.
After that in archive "Phoenix Recovery Disc creator" is file autoexec.bat. You can modify it as you wish to add extra parameters for flashing process. Parrameters are listed in file PHLASH16.TXT in "Phoenix Recovery Disc creator" archive. Or you can leave it as it is.

Now you have boot floppy with phlash and your bios file.

Take out battery.
Unplug power cable.
Plug in floppy drive.
Insert floppy disc.
Now hold Win+B/FN+B keys and insert power cable and push power button while holding down Win+B/FN+B keys.
After 3 sec let go buttons.

Floppy drive should start working. Not less then 30sec. It indicates that flashing has begun. Or if your bios makes sound than you can observe flashing by sound.
Give it time to flash, better to wait ~10min.

did it all ... EXCEPT i dont have a USP floppy, i pully the HD and the cdrom from the laptop, to force it to boot from usb, and it doesnt work.

what should I do? ... go buy a usb floppy? ... i dont get how an external floppy drive will work yet a USB flash wont .... please advise.!!!