Again an unknown Acer model

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Hi everybody!

This time, the BIOS reports a code "ACR07000-I1E", Bios v3.3 Relase A3C5. The ACPI implementation is totally borked when using Linux.

Actually this model is sold as "MaxData Pro710T", but I think there should be an Acer counterpart, and I hope with a newer BIOS release.

Does anyone know, which Acer model this is?
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I realize this is a very old post, but if anyone else should dredge it up again...........

I identified a Unisys Aquanta EN/M as an Acer Travelmate 7100 Series 7120T, eventually. It just takes diligence. In Acer Support click on Older Products at the bottom of the left side menu. In the laptop search box, you'll just have to go through most of the listings till you find a match. Each listing opens a page for a series of several models. Click on the models in Specifications. A small picture of the laptop will open along with the specs. Keep going till you get a match. Google searching somse of your laptop details will give you starting points, but be careful. I first misidentified mine as an Acer Nuovo, which is close, but not exact.
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