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#53096 by Sidneyw
Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:02 pm
Hy there,
I have a notebook Asus x59sl and I have a problem:
In the notebook there is a ATI Mobility HD 3470 but its underclocked from 680 or 500 Mhz to 250 GPU and memory also from 400 to 200 in 3D what is awful.
I know its because of the heating problems but if i play the gpu temperature avg 50-60 C°
Moreover there is no way to overclock this card and i cant save my vga bios with gpu-z or ati winflash to edit..
And as i read the notebooks VGA bioses are in the main bios or something like that. Is it true?
Couple of days ago I found MMtool and I was able to open my AMI bios. I found a module called Display Manager. But i cant open any ati bios editor.
Why are they put such a video card if its so underclocked..
I really hope you can help me..say something about this.

Thank you!

here woluld be my AMI bios,

and here would be Display Manager module, but

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