Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#28802 by pablo_gsxr750
Sun Dec 26, 2004 6:20 am
My notebook has both USB Legacy Support and
Netwoork Boot ROM enabled in the BIOS, but I
can't find an option how to turn those items off.

Because according to HP, my BIOS is a standard limited option BIOS build!

Both ROMs are definitely not needed by me, but
block memory area in D0000-D7FFF needed to provide
expanded memory (following LIM4, needed a
contiguous 64kB of memory in the upper memory) for a DOS
program application.

The easiest way therefore would be to simply turn
those two ROMs off at start-up.

Is there any option or crack out there to do this?

It needs to be said, that I have already called HP and emailed them on several occasions to sort this problem out, but to no avail - apparently the so called technician could not understand what I wanted to do, and he did come from India.

I hope, you can provide the needed hint or crack to turn
those ROMs off, as the BIOS documentation on the HP
Website describes in detail how to find that information and how to turn that USB legacy support (for DOS) and boot ROM off.

It appears just to be my BIOS build is a limited version so I can't change anything of any real importance. Is there any other retail addition or BIOS prgram I can buy from HP to deal with this matter?

Yours in anticipation...Pablo