Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#47514 by rcboyit
Sat Jan 12, 2008 5:26 pm
Hi to all!
after finding great informations about the hp bios hack (to put my wifi card in the white list) in this site I tried to do it myself and bricked my laptop.
this is the whole story.
the laptop is a DV2503xx (t7300 with santarosa platform)

- I flashed the bios with winphlash after modding the bios with phoenix editor (found somewhere on this great forum). I can confirm that the whitelist in my bios is in the MOD_5100.rom as in the Dv2000 series.
BUT when I open the bios with the editor I get this error "Error in RLS module 3" (I can open the bios only with the later version but not with the older ones)

- I restarted the laptop and....tadam!black screen,leds on and nothing more!

- so I went on with the trick that "jasonmantey" describes in this topic and that is found somwhere over the net to use the Crisis Recovery.
no luck at all. the laptop looks like is not able to read the usb floppy. the floppy light turns on briefly then turns off while the laptop still beeps really loud.
another guy on another forum said he had the same problem with the dv2205ea ... 21209&st=0
where he says that in his laptop hp removed the ability to use the recovery utility.
I gave a look around and found that this laptop and the v3000z used by "jasonmatey" share the same bios. so why could one be able to flash with the utility and the other guy not?

- one thing more. on this forum you can find someone else who says that dv9000t isn't able to use the flash utility too. so looks like newer laptops have been blocked by hp.

and this is the end. I praise anyone of you who can help me to give me his ideas because I just got a nice paperweight that's a bit too expensive in my opinion.
thanks again in advance to all of you and keep up the goo job!
rcboyit from italy