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#54246 by me61ic
Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:08 am
Hi there everybody, I have succesfully upgraded my Vaio VGN-AR31M with Phoenix BIOS version, R0200J6, from Vista 32bits to Windows 7 64 bits. I wanted to upgrade as I do a lot of video editing with my machine and I want to take all that the processor can give out of my Vaio.
I think I did a lot of research before proceeding.

First of all I wanted to upgrade the RAM of the machine to 4GB but I saw in the SONY support pages that the maximum RAM available for this notebook was 2GB. I then came across this link where some people say they have successfully upgraded the RAM for a Vaio AR-41 to 4gb using 2 Kingston DDR2 667: ... e-4gb-ram/
Went on and bought the 2 RAM memories here: ... EMF-2G.htm

Installed them while still using Vista Home Premium 32bits and it was showing 4GB through Panel Control -> System, everything was working as intended, I knew the system was showing that, even though it was really only using 3GB. I could verify this using Everest Corporate Edition.

Now in Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits, I go to Control Panel -> System, and it shows 4GB (3GB usable). I could also verify this using Everest Corporate Edition. I have entered the Phoenix BIOS version R0200J6 and it shows the same and doesn’t let me modify in any way to 4GB of RAM.

I have followed the instructions on this link ... 5&tstart=0
and I have edited the BIOS to allow virtualization in my machine, but it still shows RAM 4GB (3GB usable).

I also came accross this link:
and have followed the instructions, made the changes, but it still only uses 3 GB.

Any ideas how to proceed? Many thanks in advance