BIOS Password Screen / Toshiba Satellite M105 S3002

Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
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I have an old Toshiba Satellite M105 3002 notebook running Windows XP. I have kept it because I can open files in PageMaker which is a discontinued software program that isn't compatible with my Dell PC (running Windows 8.1) or Lenovo PC (running Windows 10). I haven't tried to open up the notebook for a few years and, for some reason, Windows XP will not load and I'm getting the BIOS password screen which I never implemented in the first place (only a Windows password). After a lot of research, I realize there are different possible solutions. One is to determine the assigned BIOS password specific to the BIOS vendor (Phoenix Technologies Ltd). One is to replace the CMOS battery (maybe a CR2032?). One is to move the CMOS jumper from the default position (1-2) to position 2-3 in order to clear the CMOS and then after 5 minutes move it back to the default and power on. So, where might I find a schematic of this particular Toshiba Satellite M105 model to see exactly how accessible the CMOS battery is? There is also the option to take the notebook to a local repair place who charge very high diagnostic and labor prices and can’t offer an estimated labor time to replace the CMOS battery or move the CMOS jumper. Any other solutions to this issue are most welcome. Thanks.
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