Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#47899 by costa.cpf
Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:51 pm

I have an Averatec 3270, which has an AMIBIOS8. I made a wrong flash of the bios. With the help (huge) of a friend, i created an USB Flash Disk with the AMIBOOT.ROM, but the boot recovery procedure gets into an endeless loop.

To be more precise, a step-by-step of what i observe is the following:

- whenever i turn it on (with the USB flash disk plugged to into it) it looks for the AMIBOOT.ROM and uploads it;
- i do not need to press any key such as ctrl+pgup or ctrl+home;
- it starts the recovering procedure;
- it writes on the screen:
(i) starting flash recovering;
(ii) rom chechsum bad,
(iii) nvram data will be destroyed;
(iv) cmos data will be destroyed;
(v) ........................ (this part of the procedure is fast, as about 5-10 seconds);
(vi) ending flash recovery;
(vii) flash update completelly successfully;
(viii) rebooting;
- screens gets dark;
- USB flash disk light turns off (but the fan does not turns itself off);
- everything starts again as from item (i) above, in an endless loop...

If I remove the USB flash disk from the notebook at the end of the flashing session when it turns its light off (see above) the loop stops but the notebook does not boot and i only can see a black screen.

Any ideas? It is a real brick or do i have some chance of recovering it?

I really like(d) my notebook. Any help will be very appreciated!