Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#60638 by Thewarden
Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:02 pm

First off, my laptop is a Medion Akoya S4209.

I recently reinstalled windows 7 as my laptop had become really sluggish.

After reinstalling, I had a problem whereby when I closed the lid (sleep) the WiFi would switch off and need manually switching back on.

I tried loads of fixes, reinstall, disabling power management, deleting drivers etc. Then as a last resort updated the bios.

This cured the WiFi off problem but left me with a bigger headache.

The WiFi now keeps dropping signal.

I've tried more fresh reinstalls, rebooting router, switching every appliance off, loads of drivers, disabling ivp6, repositioning the router, pretty much everything Google has suggested. I've done it.

I can now only think it's down to the bios upgrade, please can anybody tell me how to revert back. I can't find the bios revisions online.

The manufacturer only has the latest bios and say they do not supply superceded files.

Perhaps I could get the bios for a different machine that has the same motherboard?

I just don't know, I'm typing on my phone and my eyes hurt. I just rechecked where I got my bios file on the Medion site it seems I've downloaded and flashed the Windows 8 version, I can't see windows 7.

Im stuck.