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#32189 by Joe
Wed Jun 01, 2005 4:40 am
The following HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario models appear to be failing during the BIOS update resulting in a dead system.

I highly suggest you do not attempt to re-flash or update the BIOS in the following models:

ZE4000 series (all models within the series)
ZE5000 Series (all models within the series)
ZE1000 Series (all models within the series)

Presario 2100 (all models within the series)
Presario 2500 (all models within the series)

The flash ROM is not to blame, usually it's re-programmable. I would imagine this failure is more than likely related to the flash utility.

If you find yourself with a dead laptop after the flash, you can contact me for additional info on getting this repaired.

Joe K