Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#19613 by spiv
Tue Sep 16, 2003 6:52 am
Well hold your pants people because this one is a long story:
Well i have a major problem with my laptop is a Omnibook 900B laptop that was from my brother in law, that for some reason it stopped to work (he thought it was the hd). For sometime he store it until I tell him to give it to me so i could fix it and keep it and he said ok. Well I sent the lap to two repair shops (one said the CPU was dead and the second said the motherboard was dead) and the result was still a dead lap. The situation was this: turn power on then led of power turned on, then the fan turned on for a couple of seconds then a long beep and two short beep followed. No display and no activity ever apart from the beeps.
Well after this two strikes i was to give up, but after picking up the lap from the second repair in my school I turned it on and oh my god it booted up perfectly. After this for three whole weeks it was perfect, no problems at all even when it compiled for hours the OS that I was putting to it (Gentoo Linux (with fine ventilation)). My theory of this regeneration was that the lap got some humidity and dirt trapped in vital connections (was in California in a closet) and with the opening in the repair shops this was "released" and was back to fuctional. So the dead CPU or motherboard were big lies
But finally after a resume from a suspend to disk the video got currepted and I had to reboot. then it got back to the same basal state that i got the lap: power led on, some seconds of the fan activating, no display and then the same beeps
Even when i only use this lap for three weeks i grow attached to it so i want to bring it back to life. Ok lets check the list: the CPU can't be the prob because from my knowledge dead CPU = no beeps, neither the memory because the old 128 stick and a new one that i buy for it of 256 were both i tested with memtest when the system was ok and no error were found apart from hours of compiling without errors. Only the video (but was running fine) and well the BIOS it self.
Well I searched across the internet to solve my problem and here is the info I got:

1)The BIOS of the lap is a Phoenix Bios 4.0 Release 6.0 from what I remember and rechecked in different sites
2)From Phoenix documentation textual: One long beep, two short beeps on checksum failure (98h Post Code) This info and the general state of the lap tells that the BIOS is the fault.
3)Chipset 440BX (PentiumIII) but because I dont got display and any info apart of the beeps I dont know the maker and version of the board
4)The BIOS is a PLCC chip.
5)Downloaded the exe that contain the bios for my machine from HP but like i said before the floopy is not booted

So what I can do ? cant boot and flash the bios, cant be positive of model of motherboard because I dont have a display to see the BIOSID so with that info I could buy a new chip from BadFlash or similar.
After all this story, all I want is to be told what options I have left
Well all I can say is thanks in advance of your time to post.