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I REALY need help this time...
I bought a EuroNote 740 (i think its he same as a SAMSUNG 820/850 and the MB is JAZZ-R rev. 1 with an Intel Speedstep 600Mhz PIII Hmmm...dont remember what kind of chipset though.

I bought it and i wanted to get the LATEST drivers and bios UG's, (you pro. know the feeling).

Of some reason I was SO convinced that the BIOS i shuld use one .ROM file that i found on the samsungpc.uk page, that when the splash said this .ROM file is wrong for this system.... :oops: I :cry: FORCED to burn it any way... :twisted: (this is realy emberysing!).

When I now try to start the EuroNote 740 It starts! :? I can see the samsung logo and I can even press ONE key ether (ESC) for multi BOOT and when I do it hangs, or the (F2) For setup where it also hangs.

I get No POST codes fron the audio and I have tried to remove CD, Batt., CMOS batt, HD just to ONLY get it to boot from the disk with the latest UG's from the company that sell my poor little darling... :cry:.

I think the flash is a sufacemounted winbond W29C020CP90B - 294116201 - 952WISA.

Another thing that happened after my BIOS DOWNGRADE is that the processor nomore runs at 600Mhz it runs at 500Mhz (Wich led me to beleve that there could be some kind of timeing problem)
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