Fujitsu Lifebook E6570 will not correctly recongnize my CPU

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I recently updated my laptop CPU from 750mhz to 900mhz everything works fine but the bios/Windows XP/WCPUID/Intel frequency utility all report the frequency of 700mhz as oppose to 900mhz!

I already have the latest bios for the laptop,, I have 2 theories for my problem. 1) is that the E6570 was already the fastest model at the time so Fujitsu did not specify a mutiplier greater than 7.5 for any cpus faster than a 750mhz althought the 440zx boards should be able to support CPUs up to 1000mhz(as long as its 100mhz bus thus 10x100).

2) I bought a remarked laptop cpu although it is not likely at this age!

I try to use UltraEdit to look at the latest bios codes but they came out to be "scrambled"! Can someone recommand a way to edit or to see the actual bios files?

Thanks very much
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