GVC Green 753 memory limited by BIOS?

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The Green 753 laptop has a Phoenix BIOS and the last factory BIOS version is from 1998. I found that I can install 2x 32MB FP memory modules, but the memory is only reported as 2 x 16 sticks plus the on motherboard 8 MB for a limit of 40MB.

I did find a archived ARM Computer website that listed their version of the Green 753 as having a limit of 72 MB. But no BIOS files were archived. I email ARM and go no reply.

I had the same problem with the Chicony ARa laptops until I found their final release BIOS allowed that machine to see the 32's as 32's.

So I'd like to try to modify the Green 753 memory routine to a max. of 72 MB. Can anyone point me towards a program that will allow me to patch the BIOS? OR better yet - does anyone know where I can find a copy of the ARM BIOS file?

Note: Green 753 is not the same machine as Green 753+.


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