Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#53202 by nicobar
Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:39 pm

I am one of those unlucky ones that tried to flash the bios of my girlfriend's 2190US Presario, before attempting to upgrade the CPU.

I used the latest KE.M1.73 bios from HP, with the "WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS Update - Windows-Based " flash utility, under windows XP.
Almost right away the computer shut down and I got only a blue blinking light and black screen. The computer is alive in the sense that I can turn it on and off and the fan occasionally goes on, but the screen is black and the bios is obviously fried.

I am extremely mad at HP, as this one seems to be a very common issue, I basically download something from their website, specifically for my computer, that killed it! And their service support is absolutely useless.
Anyway, when reading the service manual that I downloaded, the only solution seems to be a "Crisis Recovery Disk" or "emergency repair disk", that I cannot find anywhere. Apparently only "HP partners" can download it, and it's not clear from which website either.
This floppy would consists in an emergency boot disk that has some sort of bare bios version and everything necessary to repair the EEPROM, at least enough to make it boot again so as to properly flash it.

I have now the latest bios 1.73 on a DOS floppy, but what I need is this Crisis repair disk, that seems to be specific to the Presario Line. I managed to find one for an Omnibook, would that work, at least to make it boot?
I also located the bios chip on the back of the motherboard, it is soldered and impossible to remove without risking further damage.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Can anybody send me this disk, or point me to the direction where I can find it? Is the disk that I have for the omnibook worth a try or I am going to make things even worse

I feel so bad because I fried a computer that is not even mine, my girlfriend is pissed and I cannot pay to have it serviced as the computer is worth now no more than $ 300.

thank you in advance for your help


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