Help on Updating Microcode for Latitude E5500 BIOS

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Hello everyone,

-I currently have a Dell Latitude E5500 laptop with me, and I'm intending to change its processor to a Pentium Dual-Core T2330.

-Unfortunately, according to official Dell documentations, it seems that Dell only allowed Core 2 Duo or Celeron (socket P) to be installed into this laptop.

-The laptop has already been updated to the latest A19 BIOS, but it wouldn't boot with this T2330 installed (blinking Caps Lock LED).

-I've never tried updating/adding microcode into the BIOS (just done minor BIOS mods before), so I hope some experts could help me on this.

-1066MHz FSB support is mentioned in official Dell documentations, and it uses Intel GE45 chipset, so this model should support both 65nm Meroms and 45nm Penryns (but artificially/intentionally limited to Core 2 Duo and Celeron brands/range only).

-The A19 BIOS for Latitude E5500: ... erId=2KY24 ... 500A19.exe (direct link).

-Latest Intel processors' microcode data file (including the mobile Pentium/Merom): ... -Data-File ... 150121.tgz (direct link).

-Latitude E5500 documentations (1066MHz FSB support is mentioned inside): ... 5500_setup guide_en-us.pdf ... 5500_Setup Guide2_en-us.pdf

-Every help is really appreciated, thank you very much.

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T2330 is a 533MHz FSB part: ... 33-MHz-FSB

T9400 is the top you can fit in this thing: ... 66-MHz-FSB

The T2330 needs a higher core voltage which this laptop simply cannot provide. There is a hardware limit that cannot be fixed by software.

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