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#54645 by bazwaldo
Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:30 am
Hi everyone, this is a great thread and gives me hope that I can upgrade my HP nc4000 laptop from an HP Intel 2200BG card to an Atheros AR5008 802.11n card.

The current HP Intel card details are:-


The new Atheros card when installed during standby does work with an IBM AR5008 driver I found on the internet.
The new card ID in Device Manager is:-


I have tried to follow SEMI's ADDCC V3 Tutorial but get hopelessly lost when it comes to ammending the BIOS file.
The BIOS for the nc4000 is F.30 (68BAS.BIN) and can be found here:- ... nvOID=1093

SEMI? Are you still about?
You seem to understand this procedure completely, please could you ammend the BIOS file and upload it to the Rapidshare website where I downloaded your great software and Tutorial?
Unfortunately unless you or someone with an equally skilled understanding of this procedure was sitting alongside me I don't think I will be able to successfully "hack" the BIOS for my nc4000 laptop.

Best wishes to all!