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#58222 by chris89
Mon May 28, 2012 10:49 pm
2011-03-11 , Version:F.28 - Phoenix Bios

I have this hp pavilion dv2615nr and would like to write a different voltage for 2d and 3d clocks and adjust 2d and 3d clocks as well. I have the bios file from my laptop and it's a 30D6F28.WPH file.

What application should I use exactly and how would I go about doing this? Should I pull the .bin from gpu-z and edit up the parameters in Nibitor and save the .rom file and then some how replace what's in the .WPH file with my new modified videobios.rom file?

I'd like to reduce the 2d voltage, then increase the 3d voltage and test for stability in windows then write a new bios with the highest stable clocks.

I modified and enhanced the cooling of this 2615nr and it stays cool enough for some good headroom for overclocking. Temps are well within reason.

My max stable 3d clocks are 540-550Mhz but was hoping for an over-volt to push to 575-600Mhz.