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#38539 by irishconvict
Mon May 01, 2006 7:29 pm
Alright everybody. I have seen huge threads on upgrading the 600E and 600X... even the 770..... But there is hardly anything at all on the trusty TP 390E. I would like to open this thread to all of you 390E owners (like myself) who want to upgrade their laptop CPU. At this point my assumptions are that this version runs on a 66mhz bus but can be modded (clock generator) to run at 100mhz which would allow for some of the P3 cpu's.

Has anyone had success upgrading their 390E to a higher CPU speed? I upgraded mine to a P2-400 but I do not have access to any higher mmc2 cpu's to test with. Let's get this thread rolling, please post any thoughts or findings from the 390E.