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#36854 by beatoem
Thu Feb 16, 2006 2:20 pm
UPDATE-if anyone intend to upgrade or install win xp on tp600x(possibly other notebooks too utilising .18 micron core coppermine speedstep cpus)
heres a rough guide to go by .
*remove the battery and load windows.

*go to device manager ,click on processor ,update driver ,select i will choose driver to install,in winxpsp2 select intel only(not intel p111)
reboot pc.

*install either ibm intel speedstep ver 1.1 program or speedswitch xp ver 1.14 progam with battery fitted in xp and adjust parameters.

there you go,perfect clean boot,shut down+full speed nall in xp pro with 650 tp600x (youve seen it first world wide here on wims bios).no where else was an effective solution founded,tp600x speedstep users were restricted to win2k or xp only with out the battery and lower speed,finally
i corrected the issue and found the perfect solution,reasearched over a few days , despite microsoft pleading that speedstep cpu was supported in xp,and ibm suggesting the software is compatable with xp too,maybe thats the case, however it was not seen by the lazy XP PRO os ,it was A MICROSOFT INCORRECT DEFAULT PROCESSOR DRIVER problem ,not ibm,nor intel nor me or the rest of the tp650 users whom failed to run speedstep cpu effectivly their machines with xp pro.
the tp600x now enjoys full compatability in xp with speedstep technology,i glad to share the info to the same time i want to thank everyone whom contributed their hard earnt efforts to helping others,and at the same time rebuke them that covered up for microsoft
by denying the o.s blunder.