Intel Q9000 wont run on laptop

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Hi, this is my story

i have a toshiba satellite A500-18q laptop with an intel core 2 duo P7450 processor, and i wanted to upgrade it to an intel quad q9000
The chipset is actually an GM45 and the FSB 1066 mhz, theoretically is hardware supported, they are even based on penryn architecture

When i tried to boot it, the toshiba logo shows up but nothing more, it stucks on the logo.

So with a little research, i discovered that the bios dont have the quad core microcodes.
its clear that the good boys of toshiba did not include the microcodes of quad core processors for marketing reasons (i guess...)

i have read a lot of tutorials here, and i could not make the CBROM utility read my bios.rom, so as i didnt find any other utility for doing this, now im stuck.

so i ask for the masters of the knowledge here, to show me the path i must follow to reach the goal

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You have a Phoenix (not Phoenix/Award) bios which is not supported by CBROM. So far I have not been able to track any info on running a Q9900 in this laptop so even though the chips of the chipset support it, there's the question if the stuff around it is capable too.

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