Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#13591 by Eduardo Gross
Fri Feb 07, 2003 6:25 am
I have 2 notebooks with broken lcds, an Innova Book 10c and an Acrobat Campus-b. To the Innova I never discovered how to change setup in order to get recognition of the external monitor. The Acrobat was used till recently with an external one, but somehow bios messed up. Now I am "blind" in both computers. I do not know a) what brand are the bios; b) how to enter the Acrobat setup; c) how I can blindly change the right thing. The Innova Book setup I know I can enter by pressing F2. I tried to print the bios setup pressing "print" in the keyboard, but only the first page was printed; when I entered the next item nothing was printed. I hope someone can help me. The best would be to have figures of the bios setup pages. Thanks.
Eduardo Gross