Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#54231 by titushoon
Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:34 pm
The post was posted to Lenovo Forum @ htp:// but i believe it is more BIOS related and hence cross-posting to here.

I do apologize if this is not allowed.

...and any suggestion/help is greatly appreciated ;-)

Hi there,

My company received a S10-2 (WinXP Home OEM) as a gift after purchasing an IBM x3650 server.

As my company is moving towards Win 7, the following was performed in sequence:
1) Deletion of all partition (including the quick boot, recovery and WinXP partition)
2) Clean installation of Win 7 Pro
3) Office Pro 2k3, NetOp Guest
4) Win 7 Patches from my company's WSUS server
5) Replaced 1GB Ram to 2GB (DDR2 3500 667Mhz, 1.8v)
6) latest S10-2 bios (rev 22)
7) Win 7 driver: NIC and Intel GMA950

Textmode boot-up slowed down considerably after step 3) - even the underscore ("_") blinks 10-20 times slower. Generally it takes 15 minutes to boot into GUI of Win 7.

Despite the slow boot-up, speed/performance of S10-2 is acceptable once booted into GUI of Win 7. Windows Experience Index of HDD, RAM and CPU averages at 3~4 with Graphics lowest at 2.2.

I have tried the following but with no avail:
1) Put back the 1GB RAM
2) Reseated the following: HDD, RAM and WiFi
3) Update BIOS to rev 22 (Step 6)
4) Update Windows Drivers (Step 7)

I also came across the following blog entry that suggests to disable "Quick Boot" which I will try tomorrow (English description at the end): ... rgang-ein/

Kindly please advise what can be done before I send it back to Lenovo.
Any help and suggestion is greatly appreciated ;-)