Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#46393 by 732
Thu Oct 18, 2007 6:47 pm
System Update was updating the BIOS from Windows XP and the computer lost power. Now it will power on but nothing appears on the screen. Any thoughts?

Can someone please help me extract the WPH file or backup their X60's BIOS so I could use the PHLASH16 utility

here is the ISO provided by IBM: ... MIGR-63145

Where can I find the WPH file (is this the one I need to use with PHLASH?)

Download the "Phoenix Winpflash Utility" ...

After this, install and run the "Phoenix Winpflash Utility".

Choose: "Backup BIOS only"

It sounds weird and crazy, but take any PhoenixBIOS update,
for example from acer: ...
You can also take any other (256K/512K/1024K) Phoenix BIOS updates.

Extract and add the .wph file from the mentioned
example BIOS file: to the: "Specify new BIOS file" -field
and choose: "Advanced settings".

Then deselect all clickboxes and press Ok.

Now press: "Backup BIOS"

Accept the following message/ info dialog box...:
...and go on with backup your BIOS.

When backup process is finished... sould see the BIOS dump and please send it to me