Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#60702 by EjđiSixo
Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:00 am
First of all since it's my first post Hi to everyone. Marko, from Croatia , living in Japan, 23 y/o.

I need help recovering BIOS on my lenovo. Nothing seems to work to bring the laptop in boot-block / recovery mode (if it has any). I tried all key combinations, and 3 different usb sticks but when laptop powers on it doesnt read my usb. The fan spins (not 100%) and just stays like that.

It's supposed to be phoenix bios although Andy's phoenixtool reports it as EFI / insyde.

All of the recovery methods seem outdated, and I think many of them don't cover a lot of things.

Is there any possible way to force physically or with software bios boot-block mode to activate and start reading my usb?
My bios chip is winbond and it has 8 pins (4 on one side)

Not sure where else to ask , since every other forum seems to ignore the question, and I didnt find on the whole internet anyone who successfully recovered x121e (or x120e and x130e , same bios almost same laptop) while there is a lot of topics with bricked bioses.

Huge thanks!!!!
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