Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#51294 by Raydot
Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:38 pm

Fresh trouble, I am afraid. I have bought a two-year-old used Medion MIM 2230 notebook which never had been connected to the internet and was only used a few times to watch DVDs. Apparently it just stopped working and cannot be booted up again, there is no response whatever and no life. I am assured it was not dropped, nor did anyone trip over the power cord, though I have my doubts..

Having said that, I ran a small test-meter over the screen after connecting the power cord and it shows a small amount of power is filtering through to the display module and keyboard, but no life at all in the vicinity of the on/off switch. The battery is fully discharged as the laptop was unused for a long time and does not charge if left on overnight.

A technician said it was the motherboard and quoted £230 (probably the most expensive price anyway) though I feel he felt safe in installing one anyway if given the job. I cannot justify this expense as it would be possible to buy an almost new one for this on eBay.

I do not know the manufacturer of the motherboard and cannot access the necessary BIOS to obtain info so that I could try something else or install or send a chip for testing. Has anyone any ideas on the subject?

ANY info would be most gratefully received, and I am sure someone out there knows exactly what ails my Medion.

Thank you.