Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#60830 by marcos.pegorini
Fri May 29, 2015 10:45 pm
Hello all.
I have a MITAC 9115 motherboard, config:
* CPU: Intel CPU Penryn (it uses a Core 2 Duo cpu)
* Chipset: MCP79MVL
* Project Code :G422
* Product Code :8202
* PCB : 316820200002
* PCBA : 411820210001

After an unsuccessfull BIOS update, MB is dead - the notebook does not power on anymore. I tried to update with a wrong BIOS content......... and did not backup previous BIOS contents..... now, the only way to put it back to work is obtaining an orginal BIOS content to reprogram BIOS device (25VX80).

I found 4 ways on Internet to try it:
1) MITAC: they did not answer my e-mails;
2) A Russian FTP site (can not download contents);
3) WIMBIOS website: there is a lot of MITAC BIOS on the site.... but no one for my MITAC. Wim answered my e-mail, suggesting me to place the request here;
4) An Austrian manufacturer (CHILIGREEN) manufactured this equipment, named CHILIGREEN MITAC 9515: They have the manual, drivers, etc..... but not BIOS files. They answered my requests, too, but no way: they do not have the files anymore.

So.... the only way to solve my problem is to find anyone with files or a BIOS device for MITAC 9515 to help me!!!!

Thank, and sorry for the long report.