Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#48891 by Fanatic
Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:01 pm
Okay i have read that i not should ask to hack password.
But i have a very big problem with this.

Ive bought a Notebook at Ebay a few years ago and it functions very good.
Ive set a BIOS Passwort that was my birthday an for the longest time this works.

Now i can not work with the Notebook because it says always your PWD is false.

I dont know what i have done and why i dosnt work.

Maybe it has set itself to the deliver Status and it comes with a PWD on a Paper or something, but at Ebay i could ask the seller. Its to long ago, i dont know his name anymore.

Its a Everx Model with a Pentium 166 MMX CPU and 80 MB RAM.
Very old i know but it manages the things i want to use it for.

The BIOS is Pheonix Bios, iv heard that there are some BIOS Backdoor Passwords ore something but even those are not working.

Please dont missunderstand me, i dont want to hack it (i even dont know how do to this). But i hoped all the Time that someday it will function Correctly again.

Everything i have tried on my own is failed and i dont know anything else.

Its a very old Notebook but i like it and i dont want to lose it.

So hope you can in any possible (hopefully legal) way help me.

Greetings Fanatic