Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#55978 by atsap
Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:17 pm
Hello everyone!

Let me explain what's my problem.

With the notebook in object, which i can't find on any packard bell website, i surfed on the internet and found that probably i have a MZ35 motherboard. So... i downloaded the bios upgrade from PB website. The utility created a bootable CD that i putted in my drive. Ok: restarted the computer, it flashed the rom. Before flashing, i took note of the previous bios version (V. 0.15). Ok, so i flashed, crossed my finger and... wow! It restarted and gave me post screen. So i entered BIOS configuration (by pressing F2 key) and it said "Bios version V. 0.22" so i said "Hey, i've done it!" so i loaded CMOS default settings. After that, my notebook is just dead. When it restarted after loading default settings, black screen, fans rotating at max and no beep, nothing. So i assumed that BIOS version was wrong...
Now. What i have to do? Do i have to setup a Crisis Recovery Disk? I'm sure it's a Phoenix BIOS, but i don't know if it's Insyde or somewhat like that.
Anybody knows which is the correct key combination for forcing drive read for recovery?
I'm italian so i have italian keyboard layout (QWERTY) if this can help.
Where i can find the correct BIOS.WPH release? Packard Bell give a .bin file... do i have to rename the .bin file to BIOS.WPH?

Please help.
Cheers and a lotsa spaghetti everyone! :mrgreen: