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#15401 by rmay635703
Fri Apr 04, 2003 10:40 pm
My friend has a Panasonic CF-25 toughbook and it has a standard socket 7 interface and had a standard pmmx 2.8v 166mhz cpu.
The pll is a
Microclock MK1491E-02r
(ps anyone have a cross ref or utilities to change the settings on this pll using cpucool?)

Anyway we put a p200mmx cpu in the machine and reassembled it, the machine posts but is still running at 166mhz even with the 200mhz cpu. The bios is an oversimplified useless make that has no settings for anything other than power management and plug and play settings, no mention of cpu settings.

I cannot find any utility to change the multiplier or change the bus speed on the web but I know that this model CF-25 unit came with anything from a p100 to a pentium 166mmx so there must have been a way of configuring the system.

We cannot find any jumpers or dipps either. We would like to put in a low volt p266mmx cpu or an Intel 233mmx depending on compatibility but without a means of configuring the laptop we're stuck.

Any help is appreciated