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#54623 by kountzero
Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:04 am
Having problem with my frankenbook i am building...

The symptoms are what i thought was a crashed bios. Powers up, black screen, all the led lights indicate like a normal boot but just before the logo would appear for the bios, the laptop beeps once for approx 1 second duration and then reboots. I have tried flashing with crisis disk [every possible variation of phlash16 i can find] it seems to complete but there is no change. All the removable hardware has been tested on the m3438g mobo i am replacing and it is working.

What does the single been mean? On an ami bios it means a memory problem but this is a pheonix bios and single beep usualy means post complete as far as i am aware :? When it did fire up it didnt actualy make the beep anyway so who knows. One thing i have come across on reading is a possible link to windows 7, acpi and a hotfix that seems to have killed a few machines. I did have NHC installed prior to the crash in an effort to keep the fan running constantly. Is it possible that this is the root of the problem?

My only other thought is that the Arctic Silver5 and copper shim mod i have done is causing some kind of short, would that account for the 1 beep? the whole thing is driving me nuts. I refuse to believe it is a hardware fault just yet tho, especialy as it seems to crisis flash fine and there were no intermittant problems before the issue appeared.

any suggestions welcome