Samsung NP-R480 : Upgrading from i3 to i7 ?!?

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I am new to the forum but mainly, I am kind of new to BIOS and MoBos, so please try to be patience with me.

Mi wife has this old Samsung Laptop to which, she is very attached (do not know why) and I have managed to keep it running more or less fine, I even changed the old 5400 RPM HD for a new SSD, so far so good; the Samsung is a 2010, NP-R480 which came with:

1.- Windows 7 Home, 32 bits
2.- 4 Gb of DDR3 RAM
3.- CPU is an Intel Core i3-330M-32Nm (Arrandale) with a Socket 989 rPGA
4.- GPU is a dedicated 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 310M
5.- MoBo is Samsung with a Chip-set Intel HM-55 (revision 06)
6.- BIOS is Phoenix Technologies Ltd. FW: 09SZ.M013.20100525.XW

Now, in order to try to make it less "slow" (besides the change of drive which was a huge improvement) I thought on changing the CPU for a more potent i7 of the same family, same code name, socket, technology etc; so I googled this possibility and found a couple of guys who did this change on a Similar Samsung model, from the Core i3 330M to the Core i7 620M with apparent success, and guess what, I proceeded to order a used Core i7 620M and when I installed it, the BIOS did not appear on scene!!! The machine turned on, the LED´s where showing their display, but NOTHING, NADA appeared on the LCD screen. I tried twice the installation with the same result! So my first thought was that it was defective, but upon studying a little more, I tried to update the BIOS Firmware, thinking that it was possible to make this procedure work if I simply update the BIOS FW, so I looked on the Samsung Mexican place (yes, I live in Central Mexico) and discovered that there were many downloads for the Machine BUT nothing about BIOS update. I looked elsewhere in the Samsung British and US site and found an update for the apparently same model, so I down loaded it and tried to install it but it didn't "Fit" my machine, so I am here stuck with the i7 CPU and not knowing if it is defective or it is simply NOT recognized by my Mexican BIOS!!!

Maybe instead of an i7, should I try to install an i5 which could be possibly recognized by my BIOS? or should I quit trying all together and give up? is there the possibility to get a hidden BIOS FW update somewhere else?

Thanks a lot for your patience and your help.

Greetings from Central Mexico.
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Put back the i3 first because you know that one is working. From there we can try and see if there's a fitting bios upgrade or not.

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