Sony VAIO BIOS update without Windows

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I replace the motherboard of my laptop Sony VAIO SVF15AC1QL (also known as this model: SVF15A16CXB).
I bought a motherboard used as a replacement because much cheaper.
But I can not install Windows because the fan stops while loading the installation CD and the computer heats up and shut down.
Before returning the card to be refunded or buying a new cooler, I would like to update the BIOS but the utilities provided by Sony is launched on Windows only.
So I would like to find a way to update the BIOS without having Windows.
Thank you in advance for your help!
The version of my BIOS is R0200DA and the latest BIOS is R0250DA.
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What happens if you just power it up without the windows CD and leave it running? If it still does the same thing: return the board, something is wrong.

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