Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#52962 by cool_recep
Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:31 pm
Hi guys,

I have upadted my netbook's BIOS with MSI's Wind U100 BIOS. The board was the same as MSI. This was verified both by entering the BIOS and checking versions and Everest Engineer Edition 5.20 was reporting the mobo as Wind U100.

I have updated the BIOS using WINAMIFLASH on Windows XP Using "Flash.Bat". Jut modified the EAFUDOS to WINAMI and run the tool, no change in the parameters.

Everything was done OK and Verified OK including the parameters.

After that I have turned off the PC by pressing the Power button for about 4 seconds. Removed power cord and battery, waited about 6 minutes, installed everything back and voila! The netbook does not boot up

Only the screen flickers once, the power button is blue and the HDD LED turns on about 1 sec then turns off but the the system is turned on and no action. No visual and the fan does not work.

I have disassembled the device, removed BIOS Battery cord, waited about 20 minutes then put everything back and nothing happend.

The system shuts down when I press the power button for 4 seconds. So , I think tat the BIOS is still functioning.

How ca I recover a bad flashed AMI BIOS?

The most stupidness of me (Apart from updating the BIOS ) was not to back the old BIOS up

BTW there is no extra memeory on board. Original netbook brand is Ca$per Minibook

Is it possible to recover AMI BIOS via SD card or USB drive? How many second do I have to press how many buttons?

Thanks in advance.