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#51882 by robconnell84
Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:14 am
Hi everyone, first tiem here so be gentle, having upgraded the RAM on my EI systems 3103 i was lookign around and noticed on one review a guy had upgraded the standard intel celeron 1.86Ghz to a pentioum Dual-core 1.73Ghz processor, he said it was very easy,

so beign me i found one on ebay bought it and im now a bit stuck i tried it drop it straight into the motherboard thinkign it would boot right away but alas the power light came on but no other indicators, after re-installing the old cpu everything is fine. can anyone out there please help me,

dont have much on system spec although i know i have an intel express chipset 943GML and the motherboards is DIXONSXP.

cheers :lol: