Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#52058 by SqueakyPC
Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:27 am
When i boot the 600X with the bios update diskette, it halts with the message:
"Error The system power management is disabled. The process has been canceled."
Next i boot with a dos boot disk and once i get to the A prompt i remove the dos disk and re-insert my bios update disk. From the directory of files contained on the bios update diskette i type FLASH2.EXE/u
The update starts briefly with this message:
**Starting Flash Update Utility**
Please wait....
SMI is not installed.
**The progress ended.** This is a far as the update goes. I cannot get into the Easy Setup menu or start any OS. Is there any way to recover or repair the IBM bios file that is currently on the machine? Maybe if i could access the boot block? Also could someone tell me who makes the bios for the TP600X? Is it Award or AMI or is it IBMs? I have presented this issue in more detail here: (bottom of page 66 and top of page 67) ... t=sharedoc
and i have dumped some 1mb pics of the problem here: ... wsthis.jpg
600X9FU 191FE :: PC Doctor shows this. There are five other pictures there as well that show at what point the notebook stops loading.
This notebook was part of a network.. Is there a chance that it can not be updated as a stand alone? Would the 600X recovery CD or Software selections CD that shipped with the note book help me at all?
I have spent weeks on this machine and i am getting nowhere.