Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#37622 by tom_k
Sat Mar 18, 2006 5:48 pm

The Prob:
Thinkpad T20/21 doesnt recognize PCMCIA Devices under XP / 98se
All used Pcmcia cards are ok!
Another HD with 98se Recovery Installation (which works fine in another T2_)
also failed to recognize PCMCIA cards , so i estimate , it must be the machine.

A hardware Fault is nearly excluded , the PCMCIA slot has been changed + the board´s been optically checked .
(i know , its not the complete work, but its not my TP, just came in for 2hrs)
Curiously , this machine has the Bios version 1.22 flashed, but shows the Date oft ver. 1.02 (IYET36WW): Dec21 1999
A downgrade to 1.02 + reupgrading to 1.22 had no effect in the TP´s PCMCIA behaviour , also bios Date hasn´t changed.
(all T2_´s i know -quite a lot- show their bios date correctly)
Last not least , the bottom case shows the wrong typeNr , but afaik the Bios´ses of T2_ series refuse being flashed on the wrong board .

My question :
Can an error during bios update (or a "wrong" bios) cause the problem ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !

xcuse my bad english