Toshiba L45-S7423 CPU upgrade

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I used MMtools to look at the 1.60 and 2.00 bios and it shows a microcode for the release date of the T7300, so i'm guessing it *should* take one. I'm guessing anyways. oh well I spent $10/free shipping on ebay for a SLA45

[if you dont' know, chipset is Intel 965G (GL960)]

One thing about this top is its listed under toshiba as having a max of 2gb of ram, well I have a 1gb and 2gb stick in it and it works fine. but it is having some trouble with the 2gb stick in alot A, windows won't boot, memtest fails to even try to start.

with the 2gb stick in slot b and 1gb in slot A, it works great, memtest runs fine. what do you guys think?

wait i'm confused. further research has come up with the GL960 as supporting 2GB and a 533max bus, and a 965G supporting 4gb /w a 667 bus

CPU-Z shows me to have a 965GM graphics but a GL960 chipset

I have 3 gigs, and cpu-z (and bios) show it to be in dual channel, and memtest shows up 3gb without errors

how can I have a 1gb and 2GB stick and both report dual channel? anyone know what is going on? This makes no sense whatsoever

attached is the MMtool codes from the bios. what cpus do you think this will support?
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