Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#28511 by archstud
Wed Dec 01, 2004 2:13 am

I recently accquired a Twinhead Notebook (Model P88TREMC) which is basically the same as most Twinhead P88T, P88TE, and P88TF series notebooks, but this one is designed for EMC.

I decided to do some upgrading, as I have had good luck with these Twinhead notebooks in the past. I have taken out Pentium II cpus and installed Pentium III cpus into them, and they worked beautifully.

Well, I recently decided to flash this new P88TREMC notebook and used a Twinhead BIOS, for a P88TF... well, now the notebook only beeps once, followed by two short beeps.

It is used a Phoenix BIOS 4.0 release 6 and the original BIOS had this for the BIOS ID "1.04.0001 EMC2".

Well now, I am stuck with a Board that is bad, I know someone who can re-flash the BIOS chip for me, but I can not find the EMC Company on the web with a section for BIOS/Software Downloads. I know that Twinhead made the laptops for EMC, but where do I get the darn correct BIOS from?

Any ideas where I can look, or should I try phoning EMC up and seeing if someone can help me???

Thank you :D